Searching For a Champion

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With a proven track record as an elite trainer and world class facilities at their finger tips, Danny O’Brien Racing leaves no stone unturned in pursing affordable horse flesh that give owners the best opportunity for a return on their investment.

Danny follows this selection process which is aimed at giving their owners the best chance of success.

Pedigree Assessment

Every yearling in an upcoming sale is subject to a pedigree review. The racetrack and breeding performances of each yearling’s relatives are reviewed to work out the commercial value of the family. This is important when selecting fillies to ascertain whether they have a residual value, regardless of racetrack exploits. While this is just as critical when purchasing colts as the pedigree will play a major role in determining the yearling’s value.

Growth Development

Prior to the auction, each yearling has been inspected several times and their development has been monitored over an extended period of time by the team. This is a vital ingredient when establishing a yearling’s maturity and scope for improvement.

Physical Assessment

Each yearling is the subject of a physical inspection. All yearlings have to show they possess the athleticism and confirmation that will allow them to develop into a top class racehorse. A yearling will be selected based on its bone structure, muscular definition, soundness and movement.

Heart Scans & DNA Testing

We use cutting edge technology by having leading cardiologists scan each horse's heart before purchase to give us further information on the physiological ability of each animal. We are also able to gain more data on each horse through new DNA testing, through Plus Vital - Powered by Equinome which is able to predict distance ranges horses and identify specific ability factors within a horse's genetic make-up.

Breeder Selection

When it comes to breeding, history has shown that certain breeders consistently produce racehorses of the highest calibre. When purchasing yearlings Danny O’Brien Racing looks to buy from these farms as they know the horse has been given every opportunity to prosper.

Veterinary Advice

Once a yearling passes the above selection criteria it is then subject to an x-ray examination by a veterinarian. This will highlight any abnormalities in the yearling’s bone development which could later impact on its racing career.

Expensive syndicators claim to offer the same services, but do not necessarily have the horsemanship, knowledge and extensive expertise that Danny O’Brien Racing is able to offer.

Becoming An Owner

Whether you are looking to race on your own or with a group of friends, becoming an owner is an easy process. Potential owners are encouraged to express interest prior to yearling sales or can view the horses we have recently purchased on this site. We cater for any budget so all enquiries are welcome.

The daily training is rate is $110*. When the horse is spelling the daily cost is $25*. *Prices are exclusive of GST.

The average annual cost of having a horse trained is approximately $40,000. Owners who have invested consistently in the past few years with this stable have enjoyed returns far above industry averages, reflecting Danny’s outstanding strike rate.

If you wish to enquire about purchasing a horse with Danny O'Brien please e-mail by clicking here to express your interest.

Past Purchases

HorsePurchasePrizemoneyBest Win
Shamrocker$65,000$1,961,888Gr 1
Star Witness$150,000$1,365,986Gr 1
Shamexpress$130,000$1,150,475Gr 1
Demerger$20,000$997,250Gr 1
Absolut Glam$150,000$920,900Gr 1
Porto Roca$70,000$677,180Gr 1
Juste Momente$300,000$566,125Gr 1
Vigor$60,000$935,955Gr 2
Ferocity$100,000$656,500Gr 2
Barbaricus$80,000$619,350Gr 2
Gold Wells$100,000$539,750Gr 2
Ballack$70,000$499,125Gr 3
Take The Rap$135,000$230,200Gr 3
Forest Spy$20,000$328,775Listed
La Chasseuse$150,000$324,000Listed

*Still Racing

Post-Career Sales

HorsePurchaseSold For
Shamus Award$220,000Valued at $15 Million
Star Witness$150,000$10 Million
Shamexpress$130,000$5 Million
Ferocity$100,000$1.3 Million
Porto Roca$70,000$1 Million
Absolut Glam$150,000$950,000
Take The Rap$135,000$500,000